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サーキュレーターDKS-18 エアコンや暖房の風を部屋中に循環 シーリングファンのように循環させます 扇風機
サーキュレーターDKS-18 エアコンや暖房の風を部屋中に循環 シーリングファンのように循環させます 扇風機

コメント代わりにひと叩き ( ・∀・)つ〃∩ 合計: へぇ

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EDIT: Normalization is the easiest way out of it, althou having each ESF be a different flying experience would be jolly. For example, Scythe being the yawrate/airbrake king, Reaver being the V thrust, AB and roll king with base bonus flak resistance and Mosquito having best acceleration and top speed. Pitch is the normalized factor in this model. Of course fiddling with the stats would take quite some time on the PTS. We might have to even organize some ESF fighting there to test such models.
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Divers are very fortunate individuals in that that they only need to decide where their next trip will take them. There is always a “next” destination—another diving site to visit. The planet that we live in is mostly water, which means that divers have plenty of unchartered seas, oceans, lakes and rivers to explore. There are still so many underwater discoveries, which are yet to be made, and the next person who sets out just might stumble upon the next big find.

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